Membership and Payments

Here is a brief overview on how to pay for annual club membership dues, league fees, and tournament fees.

Mile High Pétanque Club Membership

We have some great things in store for our 5th year as a club. Whether you are just playing for fun, or whether you play to compete, being a club member is the best way to improve one’s game, support our club, and to promote pétanque in this area. We are a community of licensed members who support the continued growth of the sport in Colorado and beyond. Many of our members compete in tournaments nationally and internationally, as well as in the National Pétanque League. In addition, being a member of one FPUSA club unites players with FPUSA clubs from all across the country.

by check by Paypal Renewals due by
Annual Adult Membership Fee $30 Online Payment: $32 January 25, 2017
Annual Junior Membership Fee
(18 and younger)
$10 Online Payment: $11 January 25, 2017

New members may sign up at any time, but all licenses expire after January. New members must provide a photo as well as some other information.  If interested in joining, please contact us to receive all of the specifics.

If you don’t want to pay the additional online service fees you can send a check for the registration fee amounts to Mile High Pétanque Club, 1480 S. Ingalls St., Lakewood, CO 80232.


Labor Day Classic XI

Our first tournament reaches its 11th season! This singles (tête-à-tête) tournament has  decided Colorado’s champion for the last 10 years. As always it is an open tournament. All participants are welcome!

Due to park restrictions, payment is not allowed the day of the tournament. Pre-registration for the tournament is required either online or by check (see instructions above). Pre-registration automatically assigns your name to participate in the tournament.  The deadline to register is Thursday, August 31st by 10 p.m.. Pre-registering online or by check automatically puts your name on the list of participants, however, pre-registered players must still check in from 11-12 p.m. the day of the tournament. The tournament will begin shortly after noon.

There will be preliminary rounds to determine our concours and consolante players for the brackets. Players will then face single-elimination until we have determined our champion and medalists.

Link to online Labor Day Classic Payment: Registration Individual $21




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